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Twine Engineering S.r.l. 6, Giuseppe Verdi 70017 Putignano (BA) Italia



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Waste to Energy Anaerobic Digestion Renewable Energy

Biogas Plant Design Biogas Plant Construction Commissioning


Twine Engineering is an operator of Renewables and Energy Efficency projects focused on the development and design of PV plants (small scale and large scale), wind (micro and mini), biogas, but also Technical Advise and Yield Assessment.

Thanks to the extensive experience of its operators, Twine Engineering counts on an excellent and deeper aknowledgment of the market, operations and process of permitting and construction.


Twine Engineering è un operatore nel settore delle Rinnovabili e dell'efficenza energetica con focus sullo sviluppo e progettazione di impianti fotovoltaici (piccoli e grandi impianti), eolici (micro e mini eolico), biomassa e biogas, ma anche su Technical Advising e analisi/verifica della producibilità attesa (yield assessment).