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Professional Waste Management System

Synod Bioscience (P) Ltd. Vytilla, Cochin- 19 Kerala India



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Synod Bioscience has some expertise in effective waste management system all over India by giving biogas plant in Bangalore and Kerala, local biogas plant, institutional biogas plant, bio-vitality plants, water recycling systems, reusing of waste in Bangalore.

Synod biogas plants are accessible in the standard sizes for distinctive waste limit. Household Biogas plants are intended for singular home scale which can generate gas from provincial kitchen waste. Distinct sizes can likewise be supplied where needed. We produce secluded versatile biogas plants in basically all sizes.

Alternative fuel for cooking gas
Proper waste disposal for biodegradable waste
Hygenic- No odour and flies
Outlet slurry is a good fertilizer
User friendly designs
Aethestic look- available in various colour
Easy to handle and install
Can be kept in terrace
Compact design