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Biocrude Supply Solar Siam PV power plants

Symbior Energy delivers sustainable energy solutions that foster growth in developing countries. We aim to stimulate emerging economies and capture increasing returns from their rapid expansion.

Symbior was created by people who want to do something concrete about making our world a more pleasant place to live in. We believe that liberating emerging economies from their dependance on globally strategic energy sources is a key factor in building a better world. We can be reached in many ways.

Solar Siam

Symbior Solar Siam is our first Sustainable Energy Solution. It develops a distributed electricity generation project in rural Thailand, using small solar PV power plants. The goal is to provide 190 MW of generative capacity in 40 sites by 2014.

We started implementation of our pipeline in Q2 of 2012 with a first solar PV power plant in Northern Thailand. Development on five additional plants continue in order to have 30 MW of capacity by the end of 2013.

This energy project fits well with Symbior’s philosophy as it provides an immediate solution for missing peak time power to areas transitioning from agriculture to manufacturing. It consolidates growth based on avoided costs until central capacity increase is justified. It meets investor return targets with a careful design and execution process.

Biocrude supply

Symbior Biocrude is our second Sustainable Energy Solution. Applying modern planning techniques with high efficiency production equipment, Symbior Biocrude guarantees a reliable, efficient and large-scale feedstock supply chain for biomass-fired power plants across China.

Symbior Biocrude started a pilot in Q3 2011, with operations growing to 50,000 tons per month of production by the end of 2011. We plan to reach production levels of 100,000 tons of feedstock per month in Q3 2012.

This energy project matches Symbior’s philosophy as it improves efficiency in agricultural production, energy potential utilization, and increases opportunities in upcoming rural China. Returns on investment over the next 5 years more than match the higher risk profile of this business given the significant amount of inefficiency of previous practices.