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We create affordable biogas systems for households in (sub)tropical regions.

SimGas was founded by two brothers: Sanne and Mirik Castro. Their goal is to prove that social entrepreneurship is profitable. Their company, SimGas, engages in product development and investment in the field of agriculture and energy systems.

Our mission

We are an innovative design and production company focused on delivering affordable small-scale biogas and bio-sanitation systems to customers in (sub)tropical regions. By providing clean, affordable energy and sanitation solutions, SimGas offers households tools to improve their lives and income positions.

Our role

SimGas has developed two improved biogas systems for the East and Southern African markets. These small-scale systems convert manure and organic household waste into methane gas, which can be used for cooking and lighting. Our products have been developed in close collaboration with local partners and our systems will be mass produced and sold through our Joint Venture with leading East African plastics producer, Silafrica Tanzania.

Local activities

We are currently investing in our production facility in Dar es Salaam. Initial implementation efforts focus on both rural and urban Tanzania.