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Selectra, established in 1987, celebrates its 26th anniversary this year and is one of the pioneers of the biogas industry in South Africa. Based on the EKO GEA technology platform and the expertise of experienced of biologists and engineers, the company offers the design, development and implementation of sustainable solutions in the waste, energy and water sectors globally, to clients in agriculture, industry, mining and infrastructure.

The development of the Anaerobic Bioenergy Waste Treatment Plant is set to revolutionise the construction of biogas plants around the world as it combines the production of high quality gas with the complete degradation of available organic matter.

One Selectra’s main strengths is the ability to deliver a unique architecture and innovative solutions – from compact residential size plants to huge plants in the megawatt range – all our solutions encompass waste treatment plants. Recent developments have seen Selectra branching out into biogas processing technology for the scrubbing, compression and distribution of Bio-CNG.

H2E pre-fabricated plants are made of stainless steel. This ensures a long useful life of the plant and guarantees a consistently high standard regardless of the location.

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