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Solar Wind Anaerobic Digestion Renewable Energy

Equipment Manufacturing Laboratory Equipment Measuring Instrumentation

PCE Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of precision measuring instruments. Our test devices are of extensive use in green industry. Examples include photovoltaic meters for the positioning of solar panels, wind meters for the positioning of wind farms, thermal imaging cameras for building insulation, and noise meters for the testing of ambient noise.

Laboratory Equipment

The laboratory equipment is another technical field, which has been added to our assortment. Only with the help of laboratory equipment, experiments, process controls and quality assurance are made possible. Electronic measuring instruments or vacuum apparatuses are the most important working materials in the field of laboratory equipment. Without the help of these important devices, the scientific field of laboratory equipment could not exist. High-quality analysis devices, investigation apparatuses or laboratory instruments are designed for professional applications, especially for the field of laboratory equipment. Especially the safety during application was made sure in the course of the development of all instruments. Wherever safety switches or safety valves were needed, they were installed in the laboratory equipment. Due to delivered Windows software, the user of laboratory equipment is enabled to transfer application specific time and temperature readings to a computer with the help certain interfaces. Moreover, all instruments of our laboratory equipment can be found in our shop. For every application of laboratory equipment, there is a corresponding instrument, which engineered is according to the ISO-standard and delivers convincing measuring results. (read more on our website)

Measuring Instruments

Exact measurement is an absolute must for everyone who wants to guarantee precise and first-class work. That is why the best measuring instruments are necessary. We offer a broad range of products from the field of measuring instruments. (read more on our website)

Control Systems

You will find a wide range of control systems to be used for many different applications from simple displays with different sizes up to complete regulators. Nowadays, control systems are essential instruments in modern production processes. The compact displays of these control systems make possible a quick and easy view of diverse physical magnitudes, such as temperature, pressure, revolutions and standard process signals which can be found in any automated process. Besides, modern regulators can solve quickly and effectively different control works.