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Natural Energy from Natural Systems

Christchurch, NZ


Australia New Zealand

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Hydroelectricity Waste to Energy Anaerobic Digestion Renewable Energy


NSL digester tanks are built from natural timber (not high embedded energy steel, plastic or concrete) are easily erected, look natural in their environment, able to be downsized or upsized if required, with a long life in capacities from 100 to 6,000 m3.

NSL’s BioGenCool™ system integrates on-site energy production with on-site energy storage to meet heat and cooling loads, protecting and enhancing milk quality.

NSL’s Greenwash™ system of effluent recycling improves water usage and reduces effluent storage requirements.

Working in association with the established and experienced German biogas company, Biogas-Ost, NSL is well resourced to provide engineering advice to dairy farmers in New Zealand / Australia / South America on energy use and energy production from animal manure and biomass substrates. Other sources of on-farm energy production from natural resources can assessed and added to minimise the cost of imported energy for the farmer.