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Biogas upgrading Anaerobic Digestion

Biogas Plant Design Commissioning

KPSR Construction are biogas project specialists - this is all we do. We provide a niche service where our client’s project needs are the focus of a complete customised design. We are professional engineers who understand the technical issues leading to reliable operation. Our projects are efficient, effective, straightforward to operate, and meet all reasonable investment criteria. Designed for a SE Asian context, our projects are adapted to each site and can be implemented in remote locations. Typical feed-stocks are palm oil, cassava waste, distillery waste and feedlot waste. Solids are able to be included. Typical project size is 2 – 4 MWe. Normally the client's main focus is their primary processing business, and we are conscious of the need to have a modest cost structure and at the same time deliver reliable performance.

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