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International Biogas & Bioenergy Center of Competence

Am Feuersee 6, 74592 Kirchberg, Germany


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Consulting Training Commissioning

IBBK staff have long term experience with farm biogas plants. Their early experiences range back to the early eighties where in southern Germany a do it yourself concept for pioneering farms has been developed. Since that time IBBK staff members have long term experiences in conducting economic modelling, design and planning studies as well as organising and conducting training courses for operators of agricultural and agri-food based biogas systems.

Consulting Work and Trainings have been carried out on national and international level since 2001 on a regular basis aiming at providing the target groups with substantial information on all aspects concerning a biogas project.

IBBK's main target group has mainly been farmers, e.g. operators and soon-to-be operators of biogas plants, but also consultants, government staff, representatives of banks/ funding institutions and staff from engineering companies. Besides its own knowledge on biogas IBBK's strength is to combine theory with practical knowledge and to find strong partners with profound knowledge on a specific subject as know how back up within the regional, national and international network.