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HESTIA Home Biogas is America’s first and world’s best provider of heated residential anaerobic digesters to generate 100% natural, clean-burning biogas for home energy from locally-available, annually-renewable organic waste.

HESTIA offers the NITRO-GEN brand line of pre-mixed biogas mix for continuous gas production during seasonal shortages of organic waste as well as biogas peripherals such as cooktops, heaters, pumps and electric generators; followed up with outstanding customer service that shows our customers we stand behind everything good enough to carry the HESTIA name.

HESTIA Home Biogas systems are easy-to-operate and affordable, designed to be installed quickly and provide a lifetime of reliable service. Providing renewable, dependable and affordable home energy day or night, rain or shine at a fraction of the cost of solar panels, while producing high-quality, nitrogen-rich fertilizer and soil amendment.

In Feb, 2012, HESTIA Home Biogas was launched when founder Warren Weisman’s son, Wyatt, cooked the first pot of rice with our prototype 600-gallon home biogas plant at Maitreya Ecovillage in Eugene, Oregon. We began accepting orders for additional units. HESTIA offers building plans for our home biogas digesters to those not in the US Pacific Northwest and our expertise is available to every do-it-yourself project or professional contractors to make certain your building project results in a lifetime of dependability.

In every aspect of our business, we are committed to the HESTIA brand being associated with quality and dependability around the world and having word-of-mouth remain our biggest source of new customers while leaving the planet in better shape than we found it.