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Within the sustainable energy sector in Australia, Enhar provides an independent and expert consultancy service. Established in 2006, Enhar delivers projects for a range of clients. Our team is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

We assist clients to bring renewable power generation online by designing and implementing the projects and processes. Our client base includes wind farm developers, large energy users requiring on-site power generation, farms and agricultural businesses wishing to harness renewable energy sources, Estate and land owners aiming to realise the value of their site, building owners requiring renewable energy system design and more.

We are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of renewable energy technology including emerging technologies of wave energy converters and tidal stream devices as well as the established market of wind turbines and wind farms. We enjoy advising on which technologies are worthwhile investments in these sectors within Australia.

For clients whose business is an energy consumer such as a commercial office, an industrial factory or a School campus, we consult on how to reduce energy consumption by providing energy audits and energy management plans.