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Chinook Energy is the world's leader in gasification and pyrolysis.

The process of gasification provides a foundation upon which waste management technologies can transform discarded waste materials into energy and fuel. With 10 years in the waste treatment industry, our experience in sustainable development, renewable energy creation, waste recycling, and environmental cleanup is unrivaled. Expertise coupled with the longest commercial-operating history in the industry has allowed Chinook to lead the way for next-generation technology advancements in waste management.

Chinook Energy is the division of the Chinook Sciences Group focused on building out the energy related activities of Chinook Sciences. Our primary focus is on processing various discarded material streams for purposes of recycling and energy recovery, either in the form of power (electricity through steam generation and direct drive generation) or clean, renewable liquid fuel (synthetic ethanol, synthetic methanol, or synthetic diesel, gasoline or jet fuel).

The energy conversion process will involve gasifying the discarded material streams using Chinook Sciences' Active Pyro system. Gasification does not entail burning or incinerating the material, but rather using a carefully monitored and controlled thermal process to cause the material to decompose into its basic component gasses. The process does not result in any harmful emissions and Chinook Sciences has a ten-year history of strict regulatory compliance with emissions standards throughout the U.S., South America and Europe.

The discarded material streams targeted will include municipal solid waste, various industrial waste streams, as well as hazardous waste. While not our primary focus, we are also capable of processing biomass and coal (Clean Coal Technology).