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Set in the heart of the « biogas belt » of the region of Brittany in France, renowned for its exemplary development of biogas, Biogaz Europe has again as its core objective how, year on year, to take the French biogas market to the next level.

In 2014 the central theme of the event will be to « focus in on the details ». Staged in Saint-Brieuc, the event will seek to tackle head-on key issues that surround the production of biogas today and the increased implementation of new installations in a series of conferences and workshops set within the context of an international exhibition.


Exhibit in Saint-Brieuc in 2014?

Following the success of Biogaz Europe 2013 in Nantes where 120 brands exhibited their products and services, Biogaz Europe 2014 will also have at its heart an international exhibition of >100 international brands running in parallel to the conferences and workshops.

The event is structured in 2014 to eliminate barriers to entry for up and coming entrepreneurs and start ups, which means that participation tariffs are particularly accessible for all.

Interested to exhibit in 2014 ?
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Conferences and Workshops

Biogaz Europe 2014, now in its 4th edition, will be characterised by its treatment in detail of a number of select subjects in a series of conferences and technical workshops:

  • Securing and diversifying the supply

  • Public consultation and acceptability

  • Thermophilic biogas production

  • Financing and insuring a biogas project

  • Digestates : current status and feedbacks

  • Agricultural applications of biomethane

  • Feedbacks on heat utilisation

Study Tours

On Friday the 31st January (morning), participants will have the opportunity to join a study tour to visit a number of sites of special interest around Saint-Brieuc.

How to participate?

If you are interested to visit Biogaz Europe 2014 in Saint-Brieuc, we will soon open up the online registration system that will enable you to print off an e-badge providing free access to the exhibition, conferences and workshops. To attend a study tour, there will be a small fee.