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Market Segments
Biomass Bioenergy Wood energy Anaerobic Digestion Renewable Energy

Exhibition Conference

We are organisers of events (exhibition & conference) on bioenergies. Currently, we organise the following events in France :
- Biogaz Europe (www.biogaz-europe.com) on biogas
- Salon Bois Energie (www.boisenergie.com) on wood energy

The bee

Industrious, focused and tireless the bee is renowned for its role as a pollinator, facilitating exchanges to create new growth. An example we aspire to follow.

Who we are

BEES is an independent company operating within a network of international strategic partnerships to actively raise the profile and uptake of bioenergy worldwide.

What drives us

In the context of today's energy crisis and the rising tide of climate change, bees is driven by the simple conviction that we must act now to implement sustainable solutions to these dual threats - solutions such as those offered by bioenergy.

What we aspire to

The vision therefore that bees subscribes to is "that worldwide, the significant potential for bioenergy is both realised and optimised". In pursuit of this vision, bees aspires to play a key catalyser role to boost the bioenergy industry.

How we go about it

Bees organises bioenergy industry events, such as exhibitions, conferences and workshops. With a determined focus on portraying the industry in its strongest and most dynamic light, bees strives to get things done for bioenergy.