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Why choose Bioenergy Crops Ltd.?

As energy crops expand and are being considered as feedstock for new power energy plants, many private organizations and experts are focused just on specific solutions and crops for local conditions they know.

It is very difficult today to select an organization with a wider perspective, providing advice and consultancy services independently without looking forward to offer planting materials or machinery services. Most of them are breeding companies and some provide consultancy as well, but in most cases existing companies promote just a single option best adapted for too specific conditions.

Research and development and information from best experts are required to adapt technology and knowledge on crops. Bioenergy Crops Ltd. Promotes projects worldwide with a conviction that a sustainable bioenergy requires a wider range of options including residues, crops, assessments, GIS tools, agronomy and plant physiology, logistic and economic models, supply chain predictions and estimations, and environmental impact assessments.

Our company joins a large list of experts, that have been working on several woody and herbaceous crops in different regions.