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At Microbial Analysis by Bioclear we strive to make micro-organisms and microbial processes more visible and manageable for our clients. To this end we perform analyses for quantification and identification of micro-organisms and microbial activities. Do you want to optimize your degradation or fermentation process, or improve your biological water treatment plant? Or do you want a solution for your biocorrosion, biocontamination or biofouling issues? Identifying and monitoring of the micro-organisms involved, will be the key to answering these questions. Use our Q-Bioanalysis to monitor a specific microbial process, or a Bio-ID package to identify the micro-organisms that are important in your system.


The first step in any microbial analysis is sampling the system or object that is under investigation. Because sampling is such a critical step in obtaining valuable and reliable information on micro-organisms, we always make it as hassle-free and robust as possible. To this end we have developed special sampling kits and methods that, in most cases, enable you to take your own samples.


Q-Bioanalyses are performed to detect and quantify micro-organisms and/or microbial activities. An overview of the different Q-Bioanalysis packages on offer is given below. The most suitable analysis depends on your specific situation and question. The prices of the packages are based on DNA analyses. You can also order RNA analyses (a surcharge applies). Click the buttons for more information, or contact us for advice on the analysis that suits your specific situation best.

We are continuously developing and improving our analysis packages based on experience we gain through research and innovation projects. So if your specific analysis is not yet available please don't hesitate to contact us.

Identification of micro-organisms: Bio-ID packages

With our Bio-ID packages it is possible to identify single or multiple micro-organisms that are present in your sample. The identities of the micro-organisms are obtained with different DNA or RNA based molecular techniques. Depending on your demand and the complexity of your sample, Bioclear offers the following Bio-ID packages:

- Quick Bio-ID package: identification of a single species of micro-organism.

- Key Bio-ID package: Identification of the most dominant species in a (complex) sample.

- BioProphyler package: Identification of the whole microbial population on both species and functional level.

Once you know which micro-organisms are relevant in your specific situation using one of the Bio-ID packages, we can develop custom-made quantitative bio-analyses for routine detection and monitoring of these specific species or functional traits.