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Market Segments
Biobased Production Soil & Water Safety & Control Anaerobic Digestion

Substrate Analysis Biological Soil Decontamination Geohydrology Groundwater Management Microbiology Water Quality Inoculum Microbial Analysis Degradation Tests

Working to find solutions that really work in a customer-oriented way.

That is Bioclear's strength

We have three specialised teams that work for government (local and provincial authorities), industry and SME companies: Soil & Water, Biobased Production and Safety & Control and our own laboratory. Our experts in the field of, for example, environmental technology, biological soil decontamination, process technology, geohydrology, area-oriented groundwater management, microbiology, ecology, bio-based economy, policy, innovation, etc. work on the basis of three market-oriented teams on a wide range of issues relating to soil and water quality, bio-energy and green production processes and microbial safety and process control.